Reliable Restorations: Fillings, Implants, Bridges, & Crowns in Fort Collins

Achieve the Healthy, Confident Smile You’ve Been Dreaming About

Like any well-oiled machine, your jaw works best when each piece operates at full capacity. Thus when one tooth breaks, not only does it suffer in form and function, but the rest of your teeth have to bear more strain and become threatened as well. In this way, dental damage tends to spread, making it essential to fix compromised teeth as quickly as possible. Foothills Family Dental offers implants, crowns, bridges, and fillings to restore full function to even the most badly damaged teeth. Operating from two convenient locations, we provide Fort Collins residents several opportunities to restore dental imperfections and protect their dental health for the long haul.

A Range of Restorative Procedures for Dental Health & Beauty

We offer our patients an affordable way to restore their smiles and get the needed dental procedures for a lifetime of good oral health.

The most common procedures include:

  • Implants - Designed to replace whole teeth, dental implants are rooted directly into your jaw, becoming permanent features of your mouth. In order to install them, we first remove the original tooth entirely down to the root and place a titanium post in its place. We then place the implant over the post. We place and restore implants. Learn more about dental implants.
  • Crowns - When a tooth is broken or weakened but not so badly damaged as to warrant being removed entirely, the best option is often to cover it with a crown. Designed to mimic the shape and color of the top of a tooth, crowns are cemented into place and cover everything that is visible above your gums.
  • Bridges - As an alternative to implants, your dentist may install a series of crowns over the space left by a damaged tooth. These crowns will then be linked to existing teeth on each side, holding it sturdily into place.
  • Fillings - One of the simplest restorative dental procedures, fillings involve cleaning out areas of your teeth that have been compromised by plaque. Restorative material is then put in the space where bits of tooth have been removed, hardening in order to provide a solid dental structure.
  • Partials and Dentures - For patients who are missing teeth yet lack sufficient bone structure to support dental implants, partials and dentures offer a comprehensive solution to restoring full dental function. These removable prosthetics are custom-created to each smile, ensuring that they are natural looking and comfortable. 

Foothills Family Dental offers all of these procedures. Whatever your dental needs, you can count on us to restore full function to your teeth.

Cosmetic Techniques to Complement Restoration

Restorative prosthetics are typically made of porcelain, which resists staining and maintains the same color from the start. This often makes them stand out from the rest of your teeth since natural teeth do not remain white as consistently as porcelain does. The Foothills team can blend prosthetics seamlessly in with your natural teeth. Through comprehensive teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures, we leave no trace of the original problem.

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