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At Foothills Family Dental, located in the heart of Fort Collins, we're dedicated to offering comprehensive dental services in a family-friendly environment. Our commitment to quality and comfort defines every aspect of our care.

Our Expert Dental Team

Dr. Richard J. Pass

A renowned dentist with over two decades of exceptional dental care experience. Born in Yorkshire, England, Dr. Pass's global perspective and academic excellence, including top 0.3% ranking in the National Board Dental Examination, shape his professional approach. Specializing in implant dentistry and gum grafting, he is known for his compassionate care and dedication to global dental health.

Dr. Jesse James Gonzalez

Recognized as one of the 5280 Magazine’s Top Dentists, Dr. Jesse Gonzalez brings precision, quality, and patient-centric care to Fort Collins. His achievements in dental implantology and commitment to the community, alongside his diverse interests from wildlife adventures to charity work, make him a valued member of the dental team.

Need Emergency Dental Care? We're Here to Help!

Facing a dental emergency in Fort Collins? At Foothills Family Dental, we provide prompt, professional emergency dental care to address severe toothaches, broken crowns, dental traumas, and more, right when you need it. Our skilled emergency dentists, Dr. Richard J. Pass and Dr. Jesse James Gonzalez, are ready to offer compassionate and effective treatment to alleviate pain and prevent further complications. Don’t wait for relief; get the urgent care you deserve today!

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“Foothills Family Dental has transformed our family's dental health. Their care, attention to detail, and patient comfort are exceptional.”

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