The whole team at Foothills Family Dental feels like family! I live over an hour away, but it's worth the drive, and I would never switch to another office. I love the care they provide and how they teach me about their area of expertise. Every visit I am amazed by their new technology, and I always learn something new.

Molly M.

From the helpful front desk ladies to the very informative dental technicians/ hygienists, and of course Dr. Richard, this practice is surely one of the best. I am continually impressed by the knowledgeable and friendly staff. I never leave feeling like I have unanswered questions about my healthcare. I will continue to receive my dental care with Dr. Richard and refer my friends and family to Foothills Family Dental for as long as I live in Colorado.

Samantha C.

I just switched from another dentist to Foothills and could not be happier. The staff is so friendly and professional it makes the dentist a good experience. The best thing about Foothills is the combination of the personable nature of everyone there and the expertise to which they bring to the table. They will take the time to explain everything if you ask and will be honest about your options for treatments. I could not recommend enough.

Richard B.

The Dental Hygienist Staci is great!! She was extremely personable and took the time to thoroughly explain everything she was doing. I have never learned so much or felt so comfortable going to the dentist before this experience.

Jasmin H.

Recently went to FFD for a small filling. I was a new patient and the assessment and filling were done within an hour. The experience felt professional and the dentist and hygienist were comforting and knowledgeable. Overall an affordable and welcoming experience.

Cara W.

I've been a patient with Foothills Family Dental for about five years now. I've had to complete a significant number of procedures — largely repair work done on teeth that were neglected for far too long — and have always been very pleased with the level of care and service this office provides. At this point I've moved to Loveland, but I haven't changed dentists' offices because I'm so fond of this one. Highly recommended.

Graeme B.

Stopped by without an appointment and got lucky enough there was an opening. They took care of me on the spot and the whole staff was awesome.

Eric L.

Staci did a great job as always. Her friendly demeanor makes me feel relaxed, lets me know what's coming, checks in with my comfort level and is very professional. I've been with Foothills Family Dental for years and it's the first dentist office where I've felt positive about my dental care.

Jeanne S.

Great experience and with the Dr. and great staff at the new South location. They offered the tenants in the building a special offer in order to meet all of us, I greatly appreciated their kindness and they were great to work with.

Jerry C.

I recently switched to Foothills Family Dental after my husband chose to use them. We both find the entire staff to be extremely friendly and easy to work with. They make the whole process of going to the dentist a lot less stressful then other places we've been. And they have fun there, which helps puts the patients as ease (at least it does for me and my husband, who hates going to the dentist!). The hygienists and front office staff are all very nice and both Dr. Richard Pass and Katie, the Treatment Assistant who helped him with my procedure, made sure I knew what was going on every step of the way and that I was comfortable. I am happy I made the switch to this office.

Karen H.

This was my first time visiting Foothills Family Dental. I decided to look for a new dentist for a few reasons, one was the customer service team at my old dentist was always a bit curt and snippy, another because once or twice they had mis-scheduled my appointments, thirdly I never seemed to see the same hygienist twice. Foothills really seems to have their appointment scheduling down to a fine art, from a very friendly front desk team to sending out texts to confirm appointments 1 week before and the day of your visit. My hygienist (although I didn't ask) gave me the impression she'd been at the office for a while, which is great, as it is good to build a relationship with somebody you trust. You could tell she was not a rookie. One particular service they provide that I really liked was showing me very large blow ups of my X-rays on a big screen tv. I could clearly see the areas she wanted to discuss with me. The hygienist was also able to show me on the large TV (using a small camera) the areas she was going to be working on that day - which was helpful. I have to go back for a visit in 3 weeks, but am already feeling more comfortable and confident with the Foothills Family Dental team.

Robert C.

She did just fine coming from Toothzone where it is all toys and games and such. Great transition Thanks Faye.. Leesa

Leesa H.

Friendly, nice, always asking how you are doing through out their work on you.. Short wait time, if any at all. Genuine concern that you are happy with the quality of their work.

David L.

"Everyone in the office is so nice, from the second you walk in, to the moment you leave. The care is always great and I love that the office has a positive vibe!! My teeth felt great after my cleaning and follow up care is set to go as well:). They make the "fear" of the dentist a thing of the past!!

Ashly S.

As the title suggests this is a great place. It's nice to have a family clinic as the local corporate places are not nearly the same, both in quality care and personability. I would highly recommend Foothills Family Dental!

Carrie R.

Stacie and the doctor were interested in me as a person. I was surprised how much they remembered about me and my family. Then I enjoyed a pain free teeth cleaning. The doctor then quickly looked at my teeth and gave an honest what should be done but not what could wait. I appreciate that.

Tom H.

I was received at exactly my scheduled appointment time by a very friendly dental assistant, Fey, who performed my x-rays and cleaning quickly and thoroughly. I was clearly explained my diagnoses and was promptly scheduled for a follow-up appointment!

Maria S.

All the staff are very attentive to their work and are always responsive to your needs. It is always a positive experience to be a patient with them. In my case with my recent back surgery they were quick to offer a knee pillow and neck pillow to make me more comfortable. Also, I appreciate all of them always explaining in advance what they are going to do. I appreciate the communication with them and always learn something with every visit.

Dennis L.

I would highly recommend Foothills Family Dental! The entire staff was friendly and professional, which made getting dental work done so much easier. The staff was conscious of my body language and would stop to ask me if I was okay throughout the appointment. The dentist and staff were professional and focused on executing the procedure well, which they did. I could tell they were experts and practiced in what they were doing because it felt like their main focus throughout the procedure was ensuring I was comfortable and pain free. The staff remembered my name when I came in for my follow-up appointment, and Foothill Family Dental called me the day after my procedure to check up on me. I would highly recommend Foothills Family Dental to anyone looking to have their best and healthiest smile!

Katie K.

I was seen promptly, and in spite of an equipment malfunction and the need to resort to the old fashioned way, my cleaning was finished quickly and painlessly and I was sent on my way. Things just get better and better here, and I am so grateful for their care.

Wyvonna M.

I was greeted at the door and the hygienist took me back promptly at 8:30am. She was friendly and conversational, yet still efficient. They contacted my previous dentist and quickly requested and received radiographs, so as not to repeat them. I met Dr. Richard in the middle of the exam, and he appeared thorough and willing to answer questions. The cleaning felt complete and thorough, and I left with a plan for recheck and overall view of some fillings that may need to be replaced over the next few years. I appreciated no push to address these fillings now. The checkout process was quick and easy - they do require payment upfront, or a payment plan (which is luckily not a problem), and they quickly send off my statements to the insurance company. Will definitely be returning in the next 4-6 months for another cleaning!

Sami P.

I'm a new patient and went in for the first time today for a cleaning and check up. I get pretty anxious about going to the dentist and everyone here made me feel comfortable and really helped lower my anxiety. Stacy was so great! She took X-rays, checked for cancer and gum disease, and did my cleaning, explaining everything as she went and answering all of my questions and concerns. Dr. Richard was very friendly and professional. He took his time and walked me through the treatment plan and various options and recommendations. I had a few issues with my insurance at first and the receptionists were very patient and friendly. Overall, this was the best dental experience I've ever had! I highly recommend Foothills Family Dental to anyone in the area!

Chelsea K.

They have a nice office in a neat old house. They listened to my concerns and wanted my input. They have very up to date technology. I was impressed and excited I found my new dental office!

Leigh R.

Went in for initial consult knowing full well I had numerous issues to deal with. Experience went very smoothly. Was given a good plan of attack with options. Did not feel like I would hear any snickering outside the exam room. This was important to me because I was already feeling pretty bad about the state of my teeth and it wouldn't take much for me to go back to avoiding the issue. Was made to feel very comfortable and encouraged to ask questions along the way. Encouraged that I have a plan to get my smile back. Will be going back and that's a big step for me...haha. Thank you. Would definitely recommend them.

Craig H.

Though visiting the dentist is my least favorite activity (I prefer major surgery) the folks at Foothills Family Dental always make the time there fun and mostly painless. Dr. Richard and Staci were both exceptionally professional, humorous and considerate. I was even offered a pill to help me sleep the night before appointments since I got up @ 4:45 am today in complete panic mode. My wife has been coming with me to Foothills Family Dental for the last two years and she willing be joining their team come July.

Dean S.

This was the first time Staci has done my cleaning. I loved Staci and she did a excellent job. Faye usually does my cleaning and has always been wonderful however I liked how Staci cleaned them more gentle and I liked her method better!

Tamara F.

What a great experience! The process was very smooth and timely. The dental assistant was vey efficient, and either her or the doc walked me through every step of the process. This review is coming from an individual who's had extensive dental work. I would definitely recommend Foothills Family Dental!

Cindy U.

Staff is friendly, efficient and professional. Would, and do, recommend to anyone looking for a dentist.

Julie O.

Friendliest dentist office ever. Staci is also super gentle, which I very much appreciate!

Kat E.

Always a great, caring, attentive experience! Both the Dentist and Hygenists are kind, engaged, and professional. I actually look forward to catching up with Stacey (my Hygenists)- she's the best! Wouldn't consider going anywhere else!

Jenn L.

I really like going Foothills Family Dental. Staci is who I see there. She makes it more like I'm seeing a friend who happens to clean my teeth everytime we hang out rather than going to the dentist... also, the Dentists and the rest of the staff are superb as well. They all make a trip to the dentist a great experience. I highly recommend Foothills for all your dental needs

Doug H.

I came in for my 6 month dental cleaning! No problems. Treated well by all! :) When I came in for my appointment - I had a crack at the corner of my mouth (very inconvenient when coming in for a dental cleaning) but Dr. Richard took care of me by prescribing a medication for the crack at the corner of my mouth....much appreciated! Thank you!

Diane S.

I began going to this practice a while before Dr. Richard bought the business, so have a long history. I can tell you that I do not wish to go anywhere else! Before that time I visited (one time only) a local dentist who clearly wanted to drum up business - he recommended thousands of dollars of dental work, with a good deal of it not being necessary. Not so with Dr. Richard (and Dr. Kevin, Richard's dad, who works there as well). Dr. Richard is clear about which things are essential, what is needed but can wait for a while, and what is optional, and he reminds me of the important things when I need it (which I sometimes do)! Both doctors Richard and Kevin are first-rate dentists, and I have complete confidence in them. The entire practice exudes an atmosphere of professionalism balanced with friendliness and compassion. Faye, who does my cleanings, is gentle, friendly, and engaging - a friend. FFD is "out-of-network" on my company-provided dental insurance, so it costs me a bit more to go there, but I continue to do so because it is absolutely worth it.

Joel A.

The whole office has a great family feel. It's very comfortable, everyone seems to enjoy their work - which they do professionally and thoroughly.

Mary C.

My experience with the Foothills Family Dental staff has been very professional and compassionate. I knew that I had found the right dentist for myself the first time I went. Dr. Pass's examination was the most thorough exam I have ever gotten. Faye cleans my teeth with gentle care. Dr. Pass relates to his staff with respect which is lovely to hear while I am trapped in a chair with my mouth open.

Susan S.

I have a long (long) history of bad dental experiences, thus leaving me with a sense of hate every time I even have to think about going to see a dentist. Foothills has been the first dental office to ever prove me wrong. I would recommend going here for a comfortable, pleasant (as possible), welcoming experience every single time.

Allison S.

I have been going to to Foothills Family Dental for years, I would not want to go anywhere else for my dental work. The staff is great and Dr. Pass has been fantastic! I had a dental emergency on Saturday and was going on vacation on Monday, I called the office after hours left a message and Dr. Pass called me back and made emergency repairs for me on Sunday... Saved the day for me and my wife. I would recommend FFD to anyone looking for a dentist in Fort Collins.

Jim N.

Before visiting Foothills Family Dental I rarely had good experiences with dental services, but Foothills Family Dental is the exception! Stacey always provides a painless, swift, friendly and professional cleaning. Dr Richard is thorough and gentle, asking often about my comfort and adjusting to accommodate my comfort. He is efficient, but takes the time to get things to fit and feel right. Their whole staff is very friendly and professional. I've never had a bad experience through root canals, fillings and crowns. I have recommended Foothills Family Dental to friends and will continue to do so!

Jeanne S.

I love Foothills Family Dental. I moved to the mountains, and still drive to the front range for appts. It's hard to find a dentist as professional and gentle as Dr. Pass. The nurses and hygienists are always on time ( which I appreciate) and they are all thorough and kind.

Mary M.

Going to the dentist is never a pleasant experience, but I am extremely happy with Foothills Family Dental. The front desk staff is wonderful and patient with my questions. The dental hygienists are amazing, and do their best to make getting your teeth prodded a more pleasant experience. The dentists tell you how it is without being brutal and without dodging around the facts (I personally like this approach). Overall, this is the best dentist office I've ever been to.

Amy H.

And what a job it was to get that tooth out, but it was done well, professionally, with concern for my comfort througout and with excellent instructions for after care. I appreciate the excellent dental work the staff provides.

Marney K.

I chipped my tooth at the worst possible time. Busy weekend w/ lot's of family photo'. Called the office & Dr.kevin got me right in and fixed my tooth in no time at all

Venessa S.

Always a good experience going to Foothills Family Dental!

Sally R.

I felt listened to and respected. Stacy -- dental hygienist -- was friendly, efficient, and considerate throughout my visit. Many thanks!

Joan H.

As soon as I came in the door everyone was willing to help. Everyone knew I was in a time crunch and they worked very timely. I felt very comfortable when getting dental work done.

Autumn D.

I never like getting cavities filled, but Foothills Family Dental actually made it an enjoyable experience. They have TVs for you to watch as well as headphones so you don't have to listen to those awful drilling noises. Dr. Pass was very skilled, the whole process was quick and painless. Anytime I need a cavity filled, I'll definitely be going to Foothills!

Sarah L.

Prior to my appointment I received a friendly phone call, and the day of the appointment I received a convenient text reminder. When I arrived I immediately received a friendly greeting. I was taken back on time and was greeted warmly by the friendly, personable RDH, Faye. She was very thorough with the exam and cleaning, as was Dr. R. Pass. My dental health was explained clearly, areas of concern were shown to me, and my questions and concerns were patiently answered. The cost of services was also clearly explained. This practice has a very friendly, welcoming, and comforting atmosphere. Thanks to all for such a positive experience!

Cindy U.

Foothills Family Dental was recommended by a friend who has been their client for 40 years. From first contact, their personnel and materials were friendly and clear ... a rare and wonderful thing. This continued at their offices and my examination. They did a great job :)

Mona L.

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