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Fort Collins Pediatric Dentistry - Foothills Family Dental, P.C.

Starting children off on the right foot for excellent dental health is essential to their development. Foothills Family Dental offers a range of pediatric dental services aimed at preparing children for a future of strong, healthy teeth. Dr. Richard Pass and Dr. Kevin Pass help children get started on a lifetime of good dental hygiene.

Your Child’s First Visit

It is advised that children see a dentist as soon as possible, which is usually around the time their first tooth erupts. This allows our dentists to monitor their dental health and prevent issues before they can occur. Getting children into the dental office at the first sign of teeth eruption ensures they begin caring for their teeth and getting used to the dentist.

During your child’s initial visit, we’ll spend additional time introducing them to the different parts of the practice and educating them on proper dental hygiene. We make sure children and parents understand the importance of proper maintenance and its effects on overall health.

Preparing Smiles for a Lifetime

Building good dental habits early ensures a lifetime of well-maintained smiles. We teach children the benefits of a proper, well-balanced diet for dental health and how substances such as xylitol and fluoride can reduce the amount of cavities developed on baby teeth. Moreover, we teach parents what they can do to help their children continue to manage and build upon their oral health skills and knowledge.

Services we provide for children include:

Additionally, Dr. Richard and Dr. Kevin make sure baby teeth are protected, as children who lose baby teeth too early are at risk for malocclusion or teeth misalignment.

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Good dental hygiene starts with building positive dental habits. Visiting a dentist early gets children started on the path to excellent dental health.

For more information about the pediatric dental services we provide, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Richard Pass or Dr. Kevin Pass, call us or visit Foothills Family Dental in Fort Collins today!