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Dental Implants

Replace Missing Teeth with Implant Placement and Restorations

Missing teeth can hinder activities people take for granted every day, such as speaking and eating. At Foothills Family Dental, Dr. Richard Pass, Dr. Kevin Pass, and their staff help patients in Fort Collins, CO completely replace missing teeth by providing reliable implant placement and restorations to restore dental function and health.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are prosthetic replacements for missing teeth. They are comprised of three main components: the root, the abutment, and the crown. The root is made from titanium, a unique material that bonds with the bone to bolster its strength. The crown is anchored to the abutment which rests on top of the implant, forming the chewing surface of teeth.

While dentures alone still have its place as an affordable restorative option, dental implants improve upon many areas where dentures fail, such as preventing accelerated jawbone deterioration and providing a stable, permanently anchored bite.

At Foothills Family Dental, Drs. Richard and Kevin Pass ensure each patient receives customized dental implants made specifically for each individual.

The benefits of dental implants include:

  • Increased Stability and Better Comfort
  • Improved Dental Function
  • Enhance Esthetic Appearance
  • Reliable Durability

Full-Mouth Restorations in Northern Colorado

The restorative nature of dental implants is incredibly versatile. Dental implants can be made to replace a single tooth with dental crowns, a series of teeth using dental bridges, or an entire arch of teeth with the help of implant-supported dentures.

Additionally, when a tooth becomes knocked out or avulsed due to suffering trauma to the face, it’s best to be prepared with a plan of action. Patients experiencing unsuspected tooth loss can prevent the side effects of missing teeth, such as accelerated jawbone deterioration or teeth shifting, and avail the benefits that dental implants provide for years to come.

Moreover, patients interested in a complete smile redesign involving an entire arch of teeth have the option of choosing between implant-supported fixed dentures or removable overdentures. While both options provide complete rehabilitation of dental function, patients have the option to match their lifestyle.

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Missing teeth can result from severe tooth decay or trauma to the face, but either way, they should be replaced. For more information about how dental implants can help restore your dental function, call or visit Foothills Family Dental in Fort Collins, CO and schedule an appointment with Dr. Richard Pass or Dr. Kevin Pass today!